The Christ Our Life Catholic Regional Conference deeply depends on donations as ticket prices do not begin to cover actual expenses. We are committed to continuing this distinctively Catholic experience to unite the faithful, rejuvenate hearts and bring souls to Christ. If you are able to help financially, we thank you.

Christ Our Life Iowa is  designated as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, which means your donation, at any level, is tax deductible.

Donors who contribute $250 or more will be mailed an IRS form from Christ Our Life.


When you purchase tickets to the conference, there’s an enclosed link in that payment process in which you can designate an amount.

You also are welcome to contribute by clicking HERE

For more information, please contact Development Chair Joe Lane at

Benefactors – $5,000 and Above

  • Mr. and Mrs. Keith Denner
  • Donald and Kendall Krouse
  • Don and Charlene Lamberti
  • Joe and Marilyn Lane
  • John Slavic
  • Jim and Mary Ann Wallace

Patrons – $1,500-$4,999

  • Anonymous
  • Divine Treasures
  • Jim & Stephanie Becker
  • Joe and Anne Dols
  • Bob and Susan Downey
  • Neil and Patty Erusha
  •  Ron and Sue Foster
  • Chris and Anita Halterman
  • David and Jackie Harris
  • Frank and Mary Jo Harty
  • Kraig and Diane Klopfenstein
  • Mark and Connie Lane
  • Joel and Chris Magruder
  • Bruce and Debbie Deneff Mehlhop
  • Dave and Anne Merschman
  • Heidi Miksanek
  • Daryl and Connie Mirza
  •  Lynn and Julie Nelson
  •  Dan and Michelle Ryan
  • Michael and Jennifer Schmidt
  • Doug and Christine Smith
  • Joe and Leslie Teeling
  • Doug and Joan Thompson
  • Rose Warhank
  • Mary Ann Zalla

Partners – $500-$1,499

  • Steve and Peg Cashman
  • Bob Brown Chevrolet
  • Anita DaCosta
  • Ed and Joan Downey
  • Brent and Jennifer Harris
  • Dan Hicks
  • John and Carole Hoeller
  • Sue Hora
  • Cletus and Eileen Janni
  • Bob and Charllotte Janeczko
  • S. Jr. and Cynthia A. Koczo
  • Gene and Diane Loffredo
  • Geri McGonegle
  • Diane McGuire
  • Jim and Debbie Nahas
  • Michael and Carole Priesbe
  • Joe Russo
  • John and Joan Schuller
  • Pat and Betty Sullivan
  • Jeff and Amy Woods

Donors – $100-$499

  • Anonymous
  • Fr. John Acrea
  • Kevin and Faye Akers
  • Robert Barrett
  • BlessBuy Enterprise
  • Rebecca S. Brdicko
  • Bill and Cathy Brett
  • Audrey Cambronero
  • Terry Carpenter
  • Kathleen Chester
  • Critelli Law P.C.
  • Spencer Cox
  • Mary Lou Daley
  • James R. Dean
  • Ed and Joan Downey
  • Neil and Patty Erusha
  • Jim and Dagni Falvey
  • Scott and Susie Flood
  • James and Jolene Garcia
  • Henriksen Washout Systems
  • Jim and Joan Henscheid
  • Sharon Hude
  • Larry Hutton
  • Michael Jensen
  • Kathleen Landis
  • Chris Magruder
  • James Marchik
  • Tim and Beth Nielsen
  • Katherine Nilles
  • Judy Olson
  • Fr. Michael Peters
  • Kathryn Pierson
  • Paul and Tricia Pietig
  • John and Marie Piper
  • Carol Proctor
  • Sidney and Linda Shoemaker
  • Debbie Smith
  • Dave and Carole Smith
  • Leonard and Carol Steiner
  • Barbara Stoffel
  • Glenda Hutton Stejskal
  • Nancy Swanson
  • Larry and Jean Walker
  • Jim and Ann Willer


  • Allegra Marketing Print Mail
  • Breakthrough Marketing
  • Iowa Catholic Radio
  • Lamar Advertising
  • Markey’s Rental & Staging
  • Specialty Graphics
  • Spirit Catholic  Radio Network
  • The Solo Consultancy, LLC
  • Tracy Kendzora Graphic Design
  • Wells Fargo Arena