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For Our Searching Souls

2024 Updates Coming Soon!


Inspiring Speakers



The 2022 Christ Our Life Conference was life changing. World-class speakers presented topics of critical importance to all. Thousands joined to celebrate Mass, enjoy time with Jesus in Adoration, go to Reconciliation and fill their spirits with music and prayer!

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Ticket prices do not come close to paying for this conference. Donations are greatly appreciated.

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“This experience has changed me immensely. I now understand the importance of Christ in my life. The whole experience just makes me want to be a better person and revolve everything around the glory of God.”

“There were children, seniors, religious and felons, all races, converts and cradle Catholics, and maybe even a few non-Catholics, people from every walk of life…all worshipping God together for two days. It doesn’t get any better than that on earth.”

“A gentleman drove his wife to the conference and told her that he would be going back to the hotel to rest and watch sports on TV. A speaker caught his attention; he never left the conference and was back again the next day for the entire event.”


Speakers for 2024 to be announced soon!

Fr. John Riccardo

Fr. Riccardo has a great gift to communicate God’s responses to all our questions. He explains God’s desires for His people and Catholicism in understandable terms. A parish priest in the Archdiocese of Detroit, Father Riccardo founded and serves as executive director of Acts XXIX, a ministry that aids pastors and laypersons to  invigorate and educate their parishes for mission. He hosts the podcast,“You Were  Born for This” and is widely known for his radio program,“Christ Is the Answer.”

Chris Stefanick

Chris’ acclaimed educational initiatives are turning the tide in the Church. Chris created the Chosen Confirmation program, which has formed an estimated 500,000 teens. He’s Founder & President of “Real Life Catholic,” a nonprofit dedicated to re-engaging a generation. “Real Life Catholic” is also the name of his EWTN show, in which he highlights everyday Catholics boldly living their faith.  He’s been awarded the Papal Benemerenti Medal in honor of his service to the Church. Chris is married and father to six children.

Matt Fradd

Best known as a powerful motivational speaker, author and podcaster who is not afraid to challenge his listeners, Matt addresses current and critical topics in faith and today’s culture. He has authored and co-authored several books, including “The Porn Myth” and “Does God Exist?” Matt’s 2018 straightforward discussion of the plague of porn inspired the longest line for reconciliation in the history of Christ our Life. In his podcast, “Pints with Aquinas,” Matt discusses stimulating topics with varying guests.

Patricia Sandoval

Blatantly honest in sharing her heart-wrenching story of poor choices, abortions and the utter desperation when hitting her lowest point in life, Patricia Sandoval describes the profound love and hope she experienced through the kindness of a Christian stranger.  Trusting in God’s love and mercy, Patricia found the courage to transform her life. Now, Patricia is a fierce pro-life advocate, proclaiming God’s mercy and the immeasurable worth of every child conceived, as she testifies in her book, “Transfigured.”

Keith Nester

Possessing a great love of Jesus, Keith served as a pastor and youth pastor for over 20 years in the United Methodist Church, the Assemblies of God and the Evangelical Free Church. In 2017, Keith boldly followed the path to which Christ was calling him. He resigned his position and joined the  Catholic Church. An accomplished speaker and Executive Director of Down To Earth Ministries, his book, “The Convert’s Guide To Roman Catholicism,” tells of the challenges and joys of the faith Keith now calls his own.

Tim Jameson

Have you ever heard the Father’s voice? Tim Jameson is a dynamic Catholic speaker who teaches how to discern the Father’s voice and engage the Catholic faith in everyday life, not just on Sundays. Tim travels the country to inspire Catholics to live vibrant lives in Christ. He has helped start an anti-pornography ministry, a Catholic radio station and several other initiatives. Relating miracles he has experienced, Tim teaches how all are called to be missionaries using the gifts and talents that God has given each individual. 

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow

Once again, founder and CEO of the global non-profit charity Mary’s Meals, Scotsman Magnus Mac-Farlane-Barrow, returns to provide  updates and information about the recent work of Mary’s Meals.  This organization is now providing a nutritious meal every day to nearly 2.28 million of the world’s poorest children at their place of education. Mary’s Meals has a presence in 20 developing countries,  and continues to expand its international presence.

Steve Angrisano

With 50,000 fans on Facebook, musician, singer and story-weaver  Steve is beloved by audiences throughout the world.  He provides the ideal combination of music and story-telling in a sensitive and timely manner, inspiring his audiences to engage in praise and worship with him. Young and old alike are moved to a deeper  celebration of their faith. As a  committed Catholic, Steve succeeds through his talent and skill to witness his love and devotion to Jesus and the Blessed Mother Mary.