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A Christmas Eve Treat

By December 24, 2020February 18th, 2021Christmas, Incarnation

Christ Our Life Iowa

It is highly unlikely that anyone subscribed to this blog needs to listen to this story by Paul Harvey to believe in the incarnation, but it is a creative parable about the incarnation and it moved me, so I share it with you on the eve of the celebration of Christ’s birth. ENJOY!

This famous story as only Paul Harvey could tell it was aired over ABC Radio, on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2004.

“Unable to trace its proper parentage, I have designated this as my Christmas Story of the Man and the Birds.” You know, THE Christmas Story, the God born a man in a manger and all that escapes some moderns, mostly, I think, because they seek complex answers to their questions and this one is so utterly simple. So for the cynics and the skeptics and the unconvinced I submit a modern parable….

Merry Christmas from the Christ Our Life team.