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What Really Happens at Mass

By January 15, 2021Eucharist

The Veil Removed

By Chris Magruder  |  The Veil Removed  | January 15, 2021

In working for our Lord on “The Veil Removed” over the last five years, I often share what the saints have seen at Mass beyond the veil that most people are not graced to see. For example Saint John Chrysostom said, “When Mass is being celebrated the sanctuary is filled with countless angels who adore the divine victim immolated on the altar. St. Augustine said, “The angels surround and help the priest when he is celebrating Mass.” St. Coleta said, “When your reverence (the priest) was raising the sacred host, I saw our Lord Jesus Christ as if hanging on the cross, shedding His blood and praying to His heavenly Father in most lamentable accents.“ 

There are many other saints who have also had the grace of seeing the veil be removed while praying the Mass. As well, I have met more than 25 living witnesses who have shared their stories of having had the veil removed while in Mass. They often pull me to the side and quietly and humbly share their stories with me, grateful to share with someone who will believe them. Their stories are consistent with one other. They see angels adoring the Eucharist, saints coming at the transubstantiation elevated above the altar, Jesus on the cross, or Jesus in place of the priest. Most importantly they speak of the overwhelming love and joy they experienced. 

Chris Magruder

Chris Magruder

After seeing the short film “The Veil Removed” I often have people tell me they too pray to see the veil removed at Mass and they continually look with expectancy. I remind them that the point of the film is not that one must see the veil be removed but what’s important is to know it is happening. Then allow this knowledge to move us to love the Lord with greater fervency and know that because He is present, all of Heaven and the souls of Purgatory join Him and all of us at Mass. All the angels, all the saints and all the poor souls of Purgatory are at Mass adoring Him, loving Him AND praying with you for the miracles which you pray. 

So when the priest lifts the Body and Blood during consecration, tell the Lord “I love You,” thank You! Ask the Lord for whatever miracles you want or need in yours or your loved ones lives. Our Lord is very generous! He loves you and wants to give you all that is good! Ask Him! More miracles should be happening in every Mass and we should not be surprised! Go ahead, start your new habit of asking for miracles at every Mass. It will change your life and many others!

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