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Race to Feed Kids

By April 11, 2021Mary's Meals

We’re so excited our Des Moines Mary’s Meals: Race to Feed Kids (5K/10K) is back for 2021!!

Mary's MealsThe Des Moines Mary’s Meals: Race to Feed Kids isn’t your average run/walk. It’s a passion to end hunger for our world’s youth – every single race registration will feed 1 child at our school in Malawi, Africa for an ENTIRE school year! For many of our youth, this may be their only meal of the day – and YOU are feeding them when you join us in this fun event.


Why I Love Mary’s Meals

By Ellen Miller

I remember when I told all 726 children at Mcheza school that in Iowa we pay money to run and walk a 5K/10K. They couldn’t hold back their giggles. You can’t blame them, as most children walk five kilometers to school each day.  When I explained to them why we do this, (so that they can have porridge every day at school) they all smiled and cheered “Zikomo… zikomo”, meaning  thank you… thank you!

The cooks at our school have asked me, “How do you make this magic happen?” They’re referring to the expense of feeding all the children, while I’m wondering, “How do THEY make it happen?” It takes great perseverance and tenacity to rise at 3:00 am each morning, walk to the school, prepare and cook the food and serve it by 7:00 am.  When the rainy season comes, these cooks can be seen carrying kids over the overflowing river banks so that the children get to school and receive that hot cup of porridge that awaits them every single school morning.

Mary's Meals
Every Mother wants to feed her child. What a blessing it is to help impoverished mothers accomplish this basic need through Mary’s Meals, particularly on Mother’s Day weekend. Mother Mary pray for us!

Please join me, (in-person or virtually) bring your family and your friends to celebrate together how School + Food really does = HOPE!

Click here to register today.