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I know what I have to do

By January 8, 2021February 19th, 2021Christ Our Life 2020, Trust

Christ Our Life Iowa

Now I just need to do it.

My spirit is unsettled. There is a knot in the pit of my stomach. Can you relate?

It’s been a rough year. But in spite of all the obvious hardships of 2020, I have been luckier than most and can even say that there have been many blessings during this weird year. Our business has been down but we are doing ok. We aren’t juggling a job and homeschooling like many young families, and the slower pace has opened up time for more quiet, more calm in my life. God has used that.

Of course the gift of faith makes all the difference in the world. We know God is bigger, stronger, and that there is a plan.  I don’t know how people cope without God. 

But let’s face it folks, things seem to be spiraling out of control in our world. And uncertainty is not comfortable for us mere mortals.

I have been praying for the sick, for loved ones who seem to have lost their way, and for our country.

I tell myself I trust God but sleep didn’t come easily on January 6th. That pesky knot in my stomach wouldn’t go away. 

Am I really trusting? Is my trust fragile? Does it only last until a certain point?

I know what I need to do. PRAY. Pray without any expectation about the outcome. I need to choose trust. I need to choose joy. Again, and again, and again until it becomes second nature.

And I need the company of my Christian family. I need them to be near. I need God with skin on.

I imagine satan is delighting in his attempts to keep us apart. I for one, have had enough of that. 

So my plan for the new year is this. Pray more, listen to the news less, get with my friends more, and practice trust and joy as if I am an athlete in training. 

Happy New Year and God be with you.