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I Am Still Riding a Spiritual High

By October 3, 2020Christ Our Life 2020

Christ Our Life Iowa

How about you?

It has been a week since COL 2020 and I am still buzzing from the joy and the excitement of the weekend. The Holy Spirit was such a strong presence. I could feel it and so many people have expressed the same thing to me.

Rob Carey, Conference Coordinator

One thing that has happily surprised me was hearing from people who were unable to attend in person tell me how blessed they were by attending online. My daughter told me that she kept in on all day and that her three small children were glued to the TV, even during the quiet of adoration.

Another woman told us that she has a teenage son with learning challenges, and he was transfixed by it throughout the weekend.

We were so happy to be able to provide the livestream option. It made the conference available to people who could not attend in person due to Covid-19 concerns. It was also great to take the leap to live-streaming so we could make it available worldwide.

That being said, a particular joy for me was being in the presence of my Catholic community after so many months of being apart.  People told us that although they were nervous about attending in person, they felt very safe when they arrived and throughout the weekend. The precautions put in place by the Arena, the team and by our Bishop made us all feel protected.

Bishop Joensen must have felt an enormous responsibility to his flock when he said yes, that we could proceed. We are grateful for the courage and trust he put in our team, and in our mission.

If I had to pick the single most powerful moment of the conference for me, it would be the stunningly beautiful meditation from Sister Miriam & Steve Angrisano leading into Adoration and the complete silence… as Jesus filled our hearts with His Love.

I would love to hear from you. What were the highpoints of the conference for you?