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Come Let Us Adore Him

One of the highlights of the Christ Our Life Conference is always the hour of adoration on Saturday night. It is so powerful to be in the darkened arena worshiping our Lord with a multitude of true believers.

One of the surprises this year, and a clear sign of God’s wonderful creativity, was the way adoration blessed so many of you online! Of course we all would have preferred to be there in the flesh, but this year was unique because of the pandemic.

But God, as always, meets us exactly where we are.

We have heard, over and over, how moved people were by attending the conference via livestream, and how surprising it was to them.

To quote one of our attendees:

“I was glued to the computer screen during the conference. To my surprise and complete delight, the Holy Spirit was present to me as much as when I had attended in person.”
~Pat Aust

Because of what we learned this year, the Christ Our Life Conference will continue to be available via livestream in future years, making it available to the homebound and even worldwide. Praise God.

Brothers and sisters, the coming days and weeks are likely to be a little bumpy. Let’s fasten our seatbelts, keep our eyes fixed on the Lord, and join together for a week of intense prayer and fasting. Imagine the power that will be unleashed!

Click on the video below to relive the hour of adoration from the COL 2020 conference.