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A Few Of My Life Mantras

By Trust

You know how every once in awhile you hear something that makes so much sense and seems important for you to remember? Here are a few of the things I have heard over the years that have stopped me in my tracks. These things come back to me frequently, often when I need them. (most of them are paraphrased) “People will not remember what you say, or even what you…

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Psalm 130

“With the Lord there is mercy.”

By Christ Our Life, Daily Reading Reflection, Trust

By Tom Quiner Psalm 130 “Out of the depths, I cry to you, O Lord.” The psalmist might allude to drowning in the depths of dark, cold water. Or he might allude to life’s addictions and sins that separate us from God.  Whatever the depth of our suffering, our soul is hardwired by God Himself to cry out to Him, our Creator and Savior, in times of distress. When our…

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Christ Our Life Iowa

I know what I have to do

By Christ Our Life 2020, Trust

Now I just need to do it. My spirit is unsettled. There is a knot in the pit of my stomach. Can you relate? It’s been a rough year. But in spite of all the obvious hardships of 2020, I have been luckier than most and can even say that there have been many blessings during this weird year. Our business has been down but we are doing ok. We…

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