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Why Spend Regular Time In Adoration

By Eucharist

In our last blogpost, I was lamenting the fact that people are continuing to stay away from reception of the Holy Eucharist. After all, the Holy Eucharist is: The Bread of Life Food For Our Journey The Source and Summit of our Faith Christ Himself! If you believe that the Eucharist is all of the above, wild horses will not  keep you away forever. The solution? Spend time in adoration…

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Christ Our Life

The Kiss of Jesus

By Christ Our Life, Eucharist

On Wednesday, father Ruben Perez de Ayala, a 36-year-old priest, died in the explosion of a building in Madrid. Here is a text written by this young priest: “THE JESUS KISS ′′ Six months after being ordained, my bishop sent me to run a parish; I had to replace a priest who had been there for over 30 years, so I noticed the coldness of the inhabitants of this place….

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The Veil Removed

What Really Happens at Mass

By Eucharist

By Chris Magruder  |  The Veil Removed  | January 15, 2021 In working for our Lord on “The Veil Removed” over the last five years, I often share what the saints have seen at Mass beyond the veil that most people are not graced to see. For example Saint John Chrysostom said, “When Mass is being celebrated the sanctuary is filled with countless angels who adore the divine victim immolated…

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