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Top 10 Religious Movies for Lent

By Lent

By TOM QUINER Reprinted with permission by Iowans For LIFE Lent has started. What a perfect time to enjoy a good religious movie, especially with so many still homebound due to coronavirus concerns. At some time or other in your life, probably during your Lenten fast, you have asked yourself the question, “what is the meaning of life?” And the answer is, that life has meaning. That meaning comes from…

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My Widows Mite

By Alms, Mary's Meals

By Janet Bradford It was Lent 2014 the night before Ash Wednesday and I didn’t have my Lenten sacrifice figured out. Jeff and I had been having pretty significant financial struggles over the years. I hadn’t however been trusting that God would provide for us through the trial. I grew fearful of our future and became tight fisted with what little money we had. As Ash Wednesday morning came around,…

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Christ Our Life Iowa

Preaching Like It’s Your Job

By Christ Our Life, Evangelization

by Mary Beth Beacom Some years ago, deep in the midst of raising several children of several ages, I found myself wandering through the neighborhood drug store, quite aimlessly.  It was so rare to be anywhere alone, that I was using the opportunity to be anonymous, think through my current worries, and shop. I came to buy shampoo, but must have looked like I couldn’t remember what that was, or…

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The Veil Removed

What Really Happens at Mass

By Eucharist

By Chris Magruder  |  The Veil Removed  | January 15, 2021 In working for our Lord on “The Veil Removed” over the last five years, I often share what the saints have seen at Mass beyond the veil that most people are not graced to see. For example Saint John Chrysostom said, “When Mass is being celebrated the sanctuary is filled with countless angels who adore the divine victim immolated…

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“Bring To Me What You Have”

By Daily Reading Reflection

By: Jean Severson That busy time of year is upon us.  It’s November already, we are eight months into a pandemic, we voted, kids are in school, we gained an hour (of what??) and the holidays are right around the corner.  Sometimes the feeling of ‘there isn’t enough time’ beckons its beat into our already overloaded bodies and minds.  There just isn’t enough time…. In February of this year, 2020,…

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